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William Hackett Dual Speed Chain Hoist

The William Hackett dual speed chain hoist is manufactured in accordance with EN13157 which requires that it can be used within an operating temperature range of -40°C to +55°C.

The design and specification of the William Hackett dual speed chain hoist includes:

Working load limit range: 3.2 tonnes to 50 tonnes.

Light load capability: the dual speed chain hoist is tested and certified at 2% of the chain hoist rated capacity.

Twin pawl: double safety; fitted as standard.

Safety latches: the dual speed chain hoist top and bottom hooks are fitted with heavy duty cast steel latches. The latch and hook tip are integrated creating a strong and robust hook closure.

Overload indicator marks: the dual speed chain block top and bottom hooks have, as part of the hook forging, overload indicator marks either side of the hook throat. By  measuring the distance between the indicator marks, the hook can be quickly and easily checked to see if any stretch has occurred due to misuse or overloading.

Hand chain joiner: a unique hand chain joiner is used as a quick and secure method of joining the hand chain without the need to cut, bend, open and close a link of existing hand chain.

Fleeting/cross hauling: the WH-C4 chain hoist is tested and certified for fleeting or cross hauling applications up to 45° from the vertical without deration.

Load chain: WH-C4 chain blocks are fitted with load chain that fully complies with international standard BS EN818-7 Grade T (8).

Overload limiter: available as an option upon request.

The dual speed chain hoist can lift and lower the load chain 5 times faster than a regular chain hoist when it does not have a load.

When the hoist is loaded, the lifting and lowering speed will be the same as a regular chain hoist.

Equipped with Load Sensing Automatic Speed Transmission which is the first in this field.

Smooth speed transmissions between high and standard speed without neutral position, which is reliable and safe.

Equipped with an overload limiter ensuring safe operation.

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