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William Hackett SS-L5 Offshore Lever Hoist

The SS-L5 meets and exceeds the requirements of Australian Standard AS 1418.2-1997.

The William Hackett SS-L5 offshore lever hoist is manufactured in accordance with EN13157 which requires that it can be used within an operating temperature range of -40°C to +200°C.

The design and specification of the William Hackett SS-L5 offshore lever hoist includes:

Working load limit range: 800kg to 20 tonnes.

Light load capability: The SS-L5 is tested and certified at 2% of the lever hoist rated capacity.

DABS (dual anti-lock brake system): Allows  the load chain to be adjusted in freewheel mode without locking the brake.

Construction and design: Minimises ingress of contaminates to the internal mechanism and brake surfaces.

Stainless steel pawl springs: Secured internally to reduce risk of damage.

Stainless steel fixings: All internal springs are stainless steel, circ clips securing the pawls onto the pawl stands, stainless steel nyloc nuts and socket head cap screw are used to secure all hook housing.

Sintered/Fused friction material: Directly   onto  the ratchet gear. Grooves in the friction material enable water to be dispelled from the friction surface more effectively during  subsea operations.

Load chain: Complies fully with BSEN818-7 Grade T(8).

Finish: Zinc plated.

Corrosion protected: The complete brake mechanism is corrosion protected including the pinion shaft, disc hub, change gear, ratchet gear, pawls, pawl stands and load sheave. In addition the load chain guide, stay bolt and chain stripper are also corrosion protected.


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