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William Hackett WH-UBC Universal Beam Clamp

Manufactured in accordance with BS EN13155: 2003 + A2: 2009 - Cranes - Safety – Non Fixed Load Lifting Attachments.

The William Hackett Universal Beam Clamp has been designed not only for vertical use, but also for side load applications, where conventional clamps are not suitable. 

The Universal Beam Clamp is suitable for pulling and lifting at angles across the beam or as a semi-permanent anchor point.

It can be loaded at any angle and eliminates the use of spreader beams in various lifting operations. 

Fitted with an adjustable locking mechanism, ensuring secure clamping to the beam. 

Built-in suspension point for low headroom design. 

Lightweight design allowing for quick clamping and unclamping.

W.L.L. capacities available at 3.2 tonnes, 5.0 tonnes and 10.0 tonnes and designed to accommodate a range of beam widths.

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