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Wire Rope Grips

When properly applied, wire rope grips afford a simple mechanical means of securing the end of a wire rope. They are appropriate for temporarily securing the end of a wire rope that may need to be shortened from the gripped end.

A termination made with wire rope grips is to be inspected at regular intervals. The nuts may require further adjustment.

Live Running Ropes
Wire rope grips shall not be used for making terminations on live running ropes (i.e. One that applies force to a moving object) nor where the rope is required to support persons or dangerous or substantial loads.

Rope Lengthening
Wire rope grips should not be used where there is a likelihood of the rope having to be lengthened at that end. Lengthening would bring at least part of the rope on which the grip had been fastened into a position now subject to full load. The danger is that this part of the rope may have been damaged by the effects of fatigue or by pressure exerted by the grip.

Method of Application
The efficiency of a wire rope termination made with wire rope grips depends on the number per connection, the correct placement on the rope, and the care and skill in the fitting and tightening of the grips.

The number of wire rope grips per connection should not be less than the minimum specified in the table.

The grips in a connection should be spaced along the wire rope at distances between adjacent grips of approximately six rope diameters.


  • Wire rope grips shall not be used for lifting purposes and are not intended for the permannet fastening of a rope that is subject to high dynamic loading
  • Where wire rope grips are fitted to wire ropes that are higher than 1770 grade tensile, the wire rope assembly may need to be derated or additional grips may be require


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