Non-destructive testing of wire ropes involves using a Magnetic Flux Leakage Device passed over the rope to detect corrosion and broken strand of wire; providing a thorough complete inspection of the rope at the time of testing than external examination alone. 

This method of inspection of wire ropes has become part of the mining industry’s standard requirements for over 20 years. Utilising an electronic Magnograph machine, non-destructive testing allows for a full examination of the inside of a wire rope, allowing for early planned replacement, or independent verification that a rope can remain in service.

Regular non-destructive testing provides independent verification that a rope is still safe to remain in service and an independent condition report that can allow for thorough forward planning for replacement at a time that does not interrupt your business demands. We offer this service for ropes in-situ and in service, or during periodic maintenance periods when cleaning and lubrication can be conducted at the same time.


Destructive Testing

This method of inspection involves testing an item on a testbed using tensile force until it has reached the Ultimate Break Load, which is recorded and provided on a test certificate. This type of testing should only be performed in a controlled and approved testing laboratory by a qualified individual to ensure safety and accurate test results.

Nobles testing facilities are NATA accredited which is a further demonstration of our commitment to provide quality. All testing provided by Nobles is conducted by a qualified individual in a controlled environment to ensure the safety of individuals and equipment and to ensure results are compliant with Australian Standards.