Project Management & Service Coordination

Nobles can project manage a range of lifting gear procurement, site management and specialised services. Our specialist team of project managers & logistics coordinators have managed many large projects on behalf of our customers including site lifting gear audits, site crane audits, wire rope installations, crane upgrades, upgrade of site lifting procedures, crane installations, heavy lift plan & supervision and other specialised mine and crane applications. Our coordination team pool resources nationally to ensure every project is delivered in full and on time every time. With the added benefit of tapping into our technical staff and engineers who are highly trained lifting and rigging specialists ensures your projects are delivered safely and efficiently.

Lifting Equipment Hire

To meet your business needs we have a fleet of load cells (tension and compression) available for hire in varying capacities and configurations. All load cells come with calibration certification and are transported in durable road boxes. We have systems which you can hire to accurately weigh up to 900 tonnes  and calculate the centre of gravity for difficult and heavy lifts. We can provide staff, instructions and training to supervise this load testing, load weighing, lifting gear and winding (rope handling) equipment as required.

Big Lift Division

Nobles Big-Lift Division has a 2,500-tonne wire rope swaging press; this capability supports Nobles being the stand out leaders in the supply of heavy duty wire rope sling and ropes within Australia. Further, Nobles has some of the largest testing beds in Australia and can test lifting slings up to 35m in length at up to 1,000 tonnes.

Our extensive testing facilities are regularly utilised for both our own manufacturing division and to support customers for various purposes including; proof load testing, destruction testing and research and development purposes.

Water Weights

Water Weights bags are for providing a load, in place of dead weights, for load testing, crane load testing, crane commissioning, Davit testing, life boat testing, Pad Eye testing or ballasting for industrial and off shore marine applications. The Water Weights system was the first to allow safe and practical use of water as a weight for load testing and we stock various size bags to suit loads up to 600 tonne.

Water Weights bags are made in standard sizes, but specific bags can be manufactured to any practical shape or size. We ensure the load is measured with a certified load cell allowing for 1% accuracy where required and the bags themselves are fully tested to a minimum of 1.5 times their rated capacity.

Technical Advice

With a specialised team of engineers for lifting gear, rigging, cranes, height safety, ropes and winching, you can trust we will provide a solution to your difficult problem or improve your product performance.

Our competitive advantage is that we are currently the only lifting gear supplier with our own highly trained engineers, making us the most responsive to unusual or complex requests. Our services include custom lifting solutions for difficult lifts, customer lifting procedures and plans, lifting guidelines, lifting gear audits, accident reporting and investigations and crane assessments.

Wire Rope Lubrication

Re-lubrication of a crane rope is often an excellent option for extending the life of older ropes. Nobles can offer advice and assistance for your lubrication requirements. We have access to pressure lubricators that ensure lubricants penetrate right through to the core of the rope, not just the visible exterior.

We offer our own range of Nobles Wire Rope Lubricants and Lanotec lanolin-based lubricants, ensuring that the right lubricant is used for your rope, application and the installed environment.​


We have a vast library of manufactured standard and specialised lifting gear we have purpose built for lifting solutions. At our production plants we have the following facilities: assembly, welding, paint booth, press, etching, NDT and machining.

We manufacture the following locally:

- Fabrication of lifting slings

- Specially designed lifting equipment

- Blocks, hooks, sheaves, swivels

- Rigging screws and turnbuckles

- Containers for off shore and DNV.

Product Supply

Nobles have built close partnerships with several local and international manufacturers who provide service support across many fields in addition to the products manufactured and tested by Nobles in-house. All the product lines Nobles stock are quality tested by us or the manufacturer and we regularly type-test new and existing supplier products to ensure specifications meet Australian Standards and compliance is achieved.

With local stocks of wire rope and chain assembly components in every state and the ability to preassemble products to your specifications, Nobles can provide you with what you need when you need it, to keep your operations going.

Backed by a team of knowledgeable sales and service staff, you can trust that you are getting the best lifting and rigging products and advice. With new supplier partnerships, shorter supply chains and a modernized regional customer service teams, you get faster enquiry and quote turnaround and shorter, more reliable delivery lead times.