Nobles has the largest specialist lifting and rigging service operation in Australia, backed up by the best training and technology to always keep your assets serviceable, safe and compliant.

We have a strong technical team of 80+ inspectors, service technicians, testing equipment operators, repairers and installers based across all mainland states and the Northern Territory. Our technicians are all highly trained to best industry practice and use state of the art technology to keep your operations running and maximise your machine uptime.

Nobles technical services are available inhouse at most locations or we can come to you. We service the most remote sites in Australia for oil & gas and mining customers. We have test facilities at our branches ranging in capacity up to 1,000 tonnes or we can offer a mobile testing service of up to 30 tonnes to any customer site.

Nobles maintains NATA accreditation for mechanical testing, certified visual inspection, non-destructive testing and calibration.

Our services

Nobles is much more than a supplier of lifting and rigging equipment. We provide world class services to ensure your operations are safe, no matter how specialised or complex your lifting and rigging requirements are.

Inspection & Testing

- Assessment of lifting gear and cranes for repair and maintenance

- Inhouse and mobile facilities

- Certified visual inspection

- Height safety inspections (including harnesses, lanyards, etc.) and installations

- Lifting gear test, tag and repair

- Proof loading

- DNV sling test, tag and repair.

Crane Servicing

- Inspection and service

- Major assessments

- 10 & 25-year certification reports

- Duty work period assessments

- Proof load testing of crane structures and hoists

- Repairs and overhauls

- Supply, installation and commissioning

- Gravity take up inspections and repairs

- Wire rope replacement.

Height Safety

- Supply and commissioning of horizontal and vertical lifelines

- Inspection, repairs and maintenance

- Anchor point installation and testing.

Non-Destructive Testing

- Wire rope – inspection, testing, destruction testing

- Structural - MPI, dye penetrant, ultrasonic testing, Eddy Current, etc.

Destructive Testing

- Failure point test on lifting equipment for your quality assurance.

Project Management & Service Coordination

- Lifting gear procurement, site management and specialised services.

Lifting Equipment Hire

- Load cells and other lifting equipment.

Big Lift Division

- Testing of big slings and chains (test facilities available of up to 1,000 tonne).

Water Weights

- Highly specialised testing system, for industrial and off-shore marine applications.


- Manufacturing and repair of both standard and specialised lifting equipment.

Technical Advice

- Develop customer lifting procedures, guidelines and lift plans.

Product Supply

- We will source the world’s best lifting and rigging brands and undertake rigorous product typetesting to ensure stated specifications and Australian Standards are met.