Nobles Smarter Lifting industry alerts provide subscribers with globally sourced best practice knowledge, the latest lifting and rigging solutions in the form of case studies, briefing articles and guides to ensure you are up to date with the latest in safety, technology and compliance. 

Smarter Lifting was developed by Nobles conducting extensive research to better understand our customers lifting & rigging information needs.  As a result of our research, there were four main categories of information identified as key areas of importance to customers., Standards and Compliance

With employees contributing to Australian Standards development and review, Nobles knows the importance of staying up to date on and being compliant with industry standards and we like to keep our customers informed too.  Staying on top of Australian Standards and industry safety trends will be easier with Smarter Lifting industry alerts. Practice and Guidelines

Making sure you are getting the best performance from your lifting and rigging gear, Nobles will be providing best practice use guides for a range of products and services.  Best Practice alerts will not only ensure the safety of your crew, they will also maintain the longevity of your equipment. and Case Studies

We will be sharing proven solutions that enable customers to conduct highly complex and specialised lifting and rigging tasks.  Detailing how we custom design and manufacture engineered products, you will get to see how Nobles collaborated with customers to create innovative ideas and bring these to life in the field.

New Product Releases and News

We will showcase the latest and greatest in lifting and rigging products and services from not only Nobles but from our world leading supplier brands.  Delving deeper than the features of these products we will demonstrate the productivity and safety benefits these new products can have on your business operations.

You will be able to trust that Smarter Lifting articles contain accurate technical advice and safety regulations because they are written by Nobles expert team of lifting and rigging specialists.  Well researched and supported by our internal industry professionals and global leading suppliers, with decades of knowledge and proven industry experience, Smarter Lifting will soon become your go to resource for the latest lifting & rigging industry updates.

Each month a new industry alert will be released featuring an article relevant to one of the above topics.  You can specify which of these alerts you would like to receive by updating your preferences at any time.  Simply use the subscribe button to the right and select the alerts you wish to receive.  These alerts will also be available through our website, simply navigate to our homepage and click the Smarter Lifting menu option.  Here you will be able to view all the industry alerts we have released as well as print and send them to those you believe will also benefit from the information.

To ensure we only publish the most relevant and informative content, please feel free to send us your ideas.  If there are topics, products or solutions you find interesting - there’s a good chance other would too.  Send us an email at and keep an eye out for your suggested topic to feature in our Smarter Lifting industry alerts.