Underground miners can now change your load cell without chairing the conveyance

Friday, 16 November 2018


The change out of a Load Cell is a time and cost consuming process for mines, resulting in approximately 8 hours of production loss. Based on a production estimate of $50K per hour, this equates to $400K cost during this change out process.

Nobles underground hoisting partner, Reliance Hexham, has developed a new Load Cell Linkage making the process of changing a Load Cell much more efficient and safer at the same time. All that is required is a hydraulic jack that is used to release the Load Cell Pin. Full redundancy is provided by the Reserve Pin which allows the Load Cell Pin to be replaced while the linkage is still in tension.  This new process takes approximately 1 hour, resulting in an estimated cost saving of $350K for the mine per change out.

All parts of the Load Cell linkage are designed in accordance with the requirements of Australian Standard series AS 3637 with safety factor of 10:1 and Fatigue Reserve Factor of 1.3, allowing you to change your load cell safely and efficiently without chairing the conveyance.  Available in a wide range of capacities and designed for serviceability, this Load Cell also utilises replaceable bushes and provisions for greasing.

To see how this Load Cell works head to https://youtu.be/OufTA0GPbMU, and for more information please call our office on 1300 711 559 or send us an email at sales@nobles.com.au.