The new RAPTOR fall arrester - For anyone who likes to scale the heights or descend the depths!

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

RAPTOR redefines the concept of safety since it has two fall indicators that are visible to every user. Other smart details include the flexible inlet dampers, the linear force distribution and unequivocal anchor point. Thanks to its sophisticated design, RAPTOR also inspires when it comes to storage, maintenance and durability. All fall arresters are compliant to AS/NZS 1891.3:1997 and can secure a person with a maximum user weight of 140 kg.

Five Year Recertification

A six-monthly inspection is required by a competent person however recertification by Skylotec or a certified service agent is only required every 5 years. This is due to high quality design and manufacturing from our German production facility.

45° Vertical Working Radius & Horizontal Use

Due to the unique design the Raptor can be used vertically within 45° cone allowing safer work zones without moving from one device to another. The Raptor can also be used horizontally and is sharp edge rated making it suitable for use in all conditions.

With RAPTOR attached overhead, it’s possible to work safely up to an angle of 45° with lateral deflection of up to 1.5 m.

Two fall indicators

The device has two fall indicators - one in the housing and one on the snap hook. These use a clear system of colour symbols to indicate whether the fall arrester is still safe to use, or whether it needs to be checked by a professional. A green indicator means that the device is intact. A red indicator warns against further use because the brake has already been triggered. The user is therefore protected against using a device that is not ready for use, and it can also save time during the annual prescribed audit.

Energy-absorbing inlet damper / intuitive operation

An energy-absorbing inlet damper made from plastic prevents the snap hook from striking un-braked against the device housing when the rope is being retracted. This protects the fall arrester not just against constantly occurring impacts, but also against hand injuries and crushing when the rope is being retracted. The fall arrester is intuitive in terms of its operation, since the anchor point is clearly designed in the shape of a handle and therefore only allows one clear fastening option.

Optimised handling

The special device design makes it possible to also store the fall arresters on their side and stack them on top of each other. The RAPTOR is available with a steel cable as well as a harness in various lengths.


For more information on the RAPTOR Fall Arrester from Skylotec, head to their website or give our team a call on 1300 711 559 or send them an email at