Nobles new SmartLoad® product range

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Nobles has recently signed an Australian distribution agreement with Scotload, global leaders in load measurement and monitoring technology.  Below we are pleased to showcase their new range of SmartLoad® products we now have in our catalogue.

SmartLoad® – A revolution in load measurement

Improve your workplace safety, reduce downtime and lower costs.  SmartLoad® uniquely incorporates intelligence and memory directly on the load cell itself, increasing functionality while enhancing the efficiency and safety of your lifting operations.

SmartLoad® delivers a standard technology platform for use across a range of products.  Requiring only one handset to connect links, shackles and other load cells, it reduces operational costs.  Fully compatible with existing equipment, SmartLoad® can also be retrofitted, removing the need for expensive full system upgrades.

Utilising the latest wireless technology for increased range and improved signal reliability, SmartLoad® provides assurance, improves data accuracy and enhances workplace safety as well as reducing downtime.

Features and benefits of SmartLoad® include:

 - Logging function controlled from handset – no need for onsite laptop

 - Safety assurance – automated overload monitoring

 - Uniquely incorporates intelligence on load cells and handsets giving total system control and flexibility

 - Significantly increased range and signal reliability over existing industry standard technology

 - No training required – simple ‘plug and play’ system

 - Avoid downtime and unnecessary wastage – built in system redundancy

 - Easily integrated with existing monitoring systems.

SmartLoad® software is available from entry level viewing to advanced detailed analysis depending on your requirements.

Load links

SmartLoad® links are designed to minimise stress concentrations and maximise strength.  Their design incorporates features which increases reliability, reduces the risk of damage and ensures ease of use.  Manufactured from high tensile, aerospace grade anodised aluminum, load links are suitable for use across all industry sectors including marine and offshore.  They are fully Finite Element Analysis (FEA) optimised and destructively tested.

Nobles can supply load links with capability to 500 tonnes for purchase, larger capacities and/or bespoke designs are available on request.  All Wireless SmartLoad® - Load Measuring Systems come complete with a Handset Display, Transit Case & NATA Calibration.

Load shackles

Scotload’s load shackles are manufactured from GN or Van Beest shackles as standard, however, other manufacturers are available on request.  They are a fully stainless-steel construction (excluding bow) up to 85 tonnes as standard, and fully stainless-steel construction from 120 tonnes and above upon request.

Nobles have load shackles up to 1,000 tonnes available for purchase or hire.  Larger capacities are available on request and all our load shackles are supplied with full calibration and proof load certificates.  Scotload also provides a range of zone 1 and zone 2 hazardous area load shackles, as well as its standard load shackle range.

Load monitoring displays

Scotload has a wide range of load monitoring indicators and handsets to match both high performance and budgetary requirements.  From standard battery powered hand-held collectors to wireless units, mains powered indicators and hazardous area approved displays.  Menu driven with flexible displays, fully intuitive, they require no training so are suitable for immediate use.

Load pins

Scotload’s long-lasting load pins deliver high accuracy under the most challenging of operations.  Harsh environments are Scotloads specialty.  Manufactured from high tensile stainless steel, Scotload load pins are suitable for hazardous area and subsea applications and can be easily retrofitted into existing systems.

To learn more about Scotload’s SmartLoad® products, contact Nobles Engineering and Electronics team by phone on 1300 711 559 or send them an email at