New manual hoisting technology to improve safety & efficiency

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

William Hackett says that it has taken a major step forward with the launch of SSL5, incorporating its patented quad pawl mechanism – positioned as the safest and most efficient offshore and subsea lever hoist in the world. The patented QP mechanism synchronizes a set of four pawls which constantly work together to minimize the time and distance travelled to the next point of engagement. It successfully passed a rigorous multi-immersion test, inspection and operation program that was witnessed and verified by DNV GL. For all the details on this hoist - click through to the article.


New products from pewag

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

pewag have recently released three new products that are revolutionizing load handling. The pewag levo hook is a lifting device with rotatable lifting hook that is operated by radio control. The pewag levo clamp LC is the world's first remote-controlled automatic vertical lifting clamp and heralds a new generation of lifting devices. And the pewag ISWP lnline shortener is an integrated shortener that can adjust a chain to the requested length and tension simply by moving it in the chain leg. For more information on these three new products – click through to the article.


Nobles to distribute award winning Green Pin Tycan® fibre lifting & lashing chain

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

When it comes to lifting and lashing heavy loads, the most common equipment used is wire rope, steel chains and/or synthetic slings. Whilst wire rope and steel chains are strong and get the job done, they are also heavy and rough which can lead to injury or damage to delicate surfaces. And synthetic slings, while light, are fixed in length and thus less versatile than chains. Recognising these shortcomings in key applications, Nobles is now stocking and distributing the new Green Pin Tycan® fibre chain by Van Beest, which is transforming the way companies lift and lash. Created from the world's strongest man-made fibre, Dyneema®, the Tycan® chain has all the performance and flexibility of steel chain but is a fraction of the weight. For more information on the new Green Pin Tycan® fibre chain – click through to read the article.


Nobles begins distributing new range of high-performance & speciality hoists from William Hackett, UK

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Nobles will begin distribution of William Hackett’s UK-made, high-performance manual chain blocks, lever hoists and related accessories across Australia from mid-June, replacing our former Nitchi range from Japan.  This new partnership will also provide Nobles customers with access to William Hackett’s proven range of specialty sub-sea, corrosion protected and ATEX hoists as well as new innovative products such as universal beam clamps and dual speed manual chain hoists. For more information and a list of products available now - click through to the article.


Nobles recommits to stock class-leading RUD lifting points

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Nobles have recently recommitted to stock RUD lifting and lashing points throughout our locations across Australia. This will provide Nobles customers with ready access to the high quality, strong and light weight lifting point product range that RUD are renowned for.  To learn more about the RUD lifting point range now available through Nobles – click through to the article.


New electric hoist distribution partnership with Kito-PWB

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Nobles have recently partnered with Kito-PWB to become their preferred Australian distributors for Kito high-performance electric chain hoists. Nobles now sells Kito’s full range of electric hoists, including the new economical and compact EQ range. These hoists are stocked in all Nobles major city locations and are supported by our local teams of technical experts who can answer any enquiries about product choice, installation or troubleshooting. For more details on this new partnership or to see the product range available – click through to the article.