William Hackett SS-L5 QP (Quad Pawl) Lever Hoist maximize safety and efficiency

Thursday, 29 July 2021

A lever hoist allows us to lift and lower heavy loads of equipment. The William Hackett SS-L5 QP increases the level of safety and improves performance as its lever hoist mechanism incorporates four load bearing pawls for extra precision and protection.


Global Lifting Awareness Day

Tuesday, 6 July 2021

LEEA has created Global Lifting Awareness Day 2021 that will take place on 9th July 2021 to help raise global awareness of high-quality lifting practice. Join us in promoting the importance of using high-quality suppliers and acknowledging their work as they provide years of experience. Be inspired to comprehend the vital role lifting plays in so many supply chains of many industries. Lifting equipment is fundamental to use when goods, products, materials or people are moved as it helps us reach higher and further and it allows us to go beyond the dangerous or complex situations. You can share one of our social media posts or create your own, don’t forget to use the hashtag #GLAD2021. 


Nobles Green Pin® range is a commitment to quality, reliability and service

Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Nobles Green Pin® is a leading brand for premium quality lifting and lashing equipment. The Green Pin® range includes a unique combination of innovative and high-quality lashing and lifting equipment such as shackles, turnbuckles, hooks, and fibre link chain. The raw materials come from high-quality suppliers who guarantee full traceability and Green Pin® products are certified and comply with a wide range of internationally recognized standards.

The full range of below-the-hook products caters for a wide variety of uses with Connectors such as shackles, hooks, links, swivels, lifting clamps and turnbuckles, End fittings such as sockets, wire rope clips and blocks and matching steel or TycanTM chain and Lifting points such as lifting eyes and rotating hoist rings.

With Green Pin® products, you are always ready to get the job done. Work smarter, with lifting equipment that is produced to excellence!

For more information on Green Pin® products – click through to the full article.


Emerging from the depths...lifting hard to retrieve, or submerged equipment.

Thursday, 27 May 2021

Sometimes Industrial equipment needs to be placed and installed in difficult locations, like a confined space, out of reach and submerged in water.

When this is the case, lifting tackle needs to be permanently attached to the payload, so that it can be safely and securely placed and retrieved with ease. Typically, this means that the lifting gear must also be durable, corrosion resistant and easy to clean, like for instance Pewag Stainless Steel pump chain..  

For more information on Pewag Stainless Steel Pump Chain – click through to the full article.


Nobles Partnership Arrangements

Thursday, 27 May 2021

Last year Nobles in Melbourne (VICTORIA)  partnered with the Holmesglen Civil Construction & Victorian Tunnelling Centre Training Services which is a specialised centre built for the Tunnelling and construction sector.

Nobles customers can now benefit in meeting their legislative (OH&S) compliance through documented Training, Instruction & Supervision, as per Section 21 Vic. OH&S Act. & provide a One – Stop – Shop approach to both product and service of your equipment & NOW training courses.

For more information on the Industrial Skills Programs currently on offer through the newly formed partnership – click through to the full article.