Friday, 25 February 2022

Wire rope slings continue to be important lifting tools. Nobles’ own Nobleflex wire rope slings provide a solution which works well and makes the slings last longer. Nobleflex has outstanding flexibility and kink resistance that help with issues of excessive wear and tear wherever basic wire rope slings are used.


Innovation drives safety: next generation Quad Pawl technology has arrived in the Australian marketplace

Thursday, 27 January 2022

Nobles, Australia’s leading lifting and rigging specialist is pleased to announce the exclusive release of William Hackett’s patented Quad Pawl technology hoisting range.

Here at Nobles we off a great variety of advanced lifting and rigging equipment for a range of applications across many industries, ensuring our customers gain access to a diverse choice when it comes to design and functionality.

The new William Hackett range of hoists is a natural progression and fit for Nobles with its continued pursuit of innovative products and safety.


Nobles 1000t Big Lift Test Machine

Thursday, 27 January 2022

As we said goodbye to 2021, Nobles thanks all of our customers for the continuing support.

The team at Nobles has taken time to look back and reflect on 2021 as a year that marked 40 years since Nobles built its 1000t Big Lift Test Machine. So it is time also to give thanks to our many many customers, suppliers and workers whose endeavours have passed by this equipment over the years.


Green Pin Tycan® Synthetic Chain - The sling that cares for your work safer!

Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Your time, your people, and your project are valuable. Green Pin Tycan® Lifting Chain from layers of 100% Dyneema® fibre webbing provides a safer and more efficient solution which protects them all.

With an equivalent breaking load factor to conventional steel chains (4:1) Green Pin Tycan® brings the versatility of chain into a new era of protection for payloads and personnel. With its innovative construction the lightness and flexibility of high performance synthetics meets with exceptional cut and abrasion resistance without compromising the adjustability and versatility of the tool in the worker’s hands.


Make your overhead lifting easier and safer!

Monday, 30 August 2021

Rigging may sometimes be a difficult process especially if the rigging hardware used causes complications for instance when needing to be lifted from the sides or at an angle. Using the right rigging hardware will ensure that your equipment is well secured, minimising damages to the equipment or lifting to fail. Hoist Rings such as RUD ACP-Turnado have a unique spring mechanism that acts as a securement point during an overhead lift.