Green Pin Tycan® Synthetic Chain – The sling that cares for your work   

Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Your time, your people, and your project are valuable. Green Pin Tycan® Lifting Chain from layers of 100% Dyneema® fibre webbing provides a safer and more efficient solution which protects them all.

With an equivalent breaking load factor to conventional steel chains (4:1) Green Pin Tycan® brings the versatility of chain into a new era of protection for payloads and personnel. With its innovative construction the lightness and flexibility of high-performance synthetics meets with exceptional cut and abrasion resistance without compromising the adjustability and versatility of the tool in the worker’s hands.


Advantages of the Green Pin Tycan® Lifting Chain

Green Pin Tycan® Lifting Chain has set a new benchmark for sling chains by offering customers an alternative to steel chains.

  • The weight:The lighter and soft to the touch fibre chain makes it easy to use and allows quicker application. For a given capacity it is up to 8 times lighter than a comparable steel product.
  • Safety: Green Pin Tycan® Lifting Chain reduces the risk of bad backs, cuts, bruises and possible hearing damages in the workplace. To help increase work productivity this fibre chain offers the flexibility to have one employee working with the long length chain all day long without feeling exhausted from handling of the chain.
  • Long-term savings: By protecting the payload, the chain can reduce unexpected business expense including the significant cost of rework and claims when the cargo and its surface suffers damage in the hands of transportation personnel. 
  • Resistance: Its features will help you get the job done as it is non-corrosive, non-conductive, waterproof, and can float on water. It is resistant to environmental and chemical impacts including grease, dirt, salt and low temperatures. 


Load Restraint with Tycan Fibre® 

In the world of lifting tackle, the gear we use for load restraint and lashing gear can sometimes play second fiddle, with insufficient regard to the impact of lashing materials upon valuable cargoes and personnel leading to false economies.

In Australia we are so used to seeing big loads of materials and machinery for projects on our highways that we barely give it a second thought – yet it is here that Tycan® fibre chain can really drive cost savings and project efficiency by:

  • Avoiding the need to drag steel chains and wire ropes across valuable paint coatings
    • Cutting re-work costs
    • Improving service life of steelwork
    • Reducing labour costs of installing makeshift surface protection materials.
  • Improving labour efficiency and safety, through its low weight
    • Enabling work methods that include throwing gear with high ratings across payloads – methods which could be unsafe or impossible with steel gear
    • Reducing the mass of gear which operators must carry by hand, back injuries, hand hazards, and akward movements.
    • Avoiding the need for powered lifting means to place lashings.
  • Bringing adjustability and robustness to soft lashings
    • Just like chain, adjustments may be made from a safe location
    • Adjusting fittings are fully secure and cannot bump free
    • DyneemaTM material in a patented mobius strip webbing link configuration which resists cut hazards far better than typical soft sling alternatives.

Project and logistics managers should take note that with the arrival of Tycan® fibre chain and its growing use globally, project costings and lashing specifications deserve your attention.


Proven Award-Winning Technology

For added peace of mind, the Green Pin Tycan® Lifting Chain has been tested in production facilities and real-life circumstances and has met qualifications by DNV-GL to be used for both lifting and lashing purposes onshore, shipboard, offshore and in on-platform lifting applications.

How does it work?

Green Pin Tycan® Lifting Chain is made from DyneemaTM fibre. As with many fibre and wire materials the challenge is bringing the performance of individual filaments together to form a whole.

DyneemaTM is incredibly strong in terms of the specific strength of an individual filament, so the rewards are significant when many fibres are made to work together to share the load.

Tycan® Lifting Chain consists firstly of webbing, made from a specific grade of DyneemaTM UHMWPE fibre with sidegroups that anchor the molecules of the fibre thus reducing sliding and fatigue. This is brought into a high quality weave, giving performance far in excess of regular sling webbings of comparable size. The chain is then made by winding this webbing through multiple passes into a continuous loop, multiplying the strength of the individual webbing laps.

In a simple construction, multiple layers of webbing would not be efficient – webbing which passed around the outer path would take a different tension to that on the inner and compressive forces between layers would vary with their position.

Tycan® links instead incorporate a mobius strip design. This means that there is no outer or inner layer of webbing and all parts travel a path of equal length. It also means that the capstan effect (whereby multiple passes use friction to remain in place and work together) is even throughout the link under tension.

Multiple layers, the mobius construction and integrated high strength stitching design provide reserve strength to help avoid disaster in the event of localised damage.

The Green Pin Advantage

Green Pin Tycan® Lifting chain is a unique system which leverages the advantages of Green Pin’s substantial design and manufacturing capability.

This brings:

  • Globally respected certification
  • A specially developed range of shortening devices and interface fittings
  • The site and end user acceptance of one of the world’s most trusted brands

Nobles offer Tycan® Lifting chain and lashing systems in all sizes and can provide systems of use and load charts consistent with Australia’s unique and effective lifting tackle standards.

Chain sling design with Tycan®

Green Pin Tycan® Lashing Chain and Ratchet Loadbinder with hooks 

The Green Pin Tycan® Lashing Chain has a lashing capacity of 10 to 13.5 tonnes and you can use a Green Pin Tycan® Ratchet Loadbinder (grade 10) with hooks which allows accurate settings of lashing length and tension. The loadbinders are available in various steel chain sizes that ranges from 8 to 16mm. Safety catches on loadbinders with hooks prevents unintentional detachment.

Ratchet Loadbinders provide safe means of tensioning lashings

Green Pin Tycan® lifting and lashing assembly components 

Green Pin Tycan® Lifting and Lashing Chain are available in sizes 11 x 15mm, 11 x 20 mm, 15 x 25 mm and 13 x 30mm.

Green Pin Tycan® provides the best solution for securing your load during the transport of goods.

For the complete lashing system, you can choose Green Pin Tycan® Ratchet Loadbinder, Green Pin Tycan® Connecting Links, Green Pin Tycan® Lashing Chain and hooks such as the Green Pin Tycan® Grab Hook CL, Green Pin Tycan® Sling Hook CL or the Clevis Hook for Green Pin Tycan®. 


Are you interest in Tycan® products? 

By using Green Pin Tycan® lashing and lifting components your company will be achieving greater efficiency and a safer work environment. To learn more about our load restraint products, please click hereNobles specialist team can guide you to the right lifting and lashing solution call us at 1300 711 559 or email us at .



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