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Monday, 30 August 2021

Rigging may sometimes be a difficult process especially if the rigging hardware used causes complications for instance when needing to be lifted from the sides or at an angle. Using the right rigging hardware will ensure that your equipment is well secured, minimising damages to the equipment or lifting to fail. Hoist Rings such as RUD ACP-Turnado have a unique spring mechanism that acts as a securement point during an overhead lift.

The Turnado Advantage

Swivel eyebolts have been available for many years, and quality examples offer many advantages over traditional single piece eyebolts – chiefly because they can be aligned with sling forces and properly installed without the use of shims.

However, traditional designs are not trouble-free and still require some care to ensure they are not binding in a poor orientation mid-lift such as on the blind side of a piece of machinery being turned over.

The unique design of the ACP-Turnado ensures greater safety by automatically rotating itself into the direction of optimal force transmission. This eliminates worst-case scenarios which cause high shear stresses, twisting and unforeseen movement of the load.

Benefits of using ACP – Turnado

The ACP-Turnado offers a significant improvement over many traditional swivelling eyebolt concepts. This revolutionary design, in combination with RUD’s specially developed ICE fine grain steel sets a new standard. The ACP-Turnado makes a huge difference when it comes to the safety and risk associated cost of running a company as it works well under the toughest conditions. This product sets new boundaries as it offers up to 30% higher working load limits (WLLs) compared to a similar design of standard centre-pull hoist rings.

The hoist ring has been strengthened for optimised height and shape at the stressed area.  ACP-Turnado complies with EN 1677-1 and AS 3776:2015. ICE Bolt screw technology offers high safety factors with resistance to low temperatures and bending at the critical point between the load suspension assembly and the load.

The RUD ICE material gifts the ACP - Turnado with a broad operating temperature range. The maximum operating temperature varies without the reduction of WLL ranges from -40°C to 100°C.  While the maximum operation temperature with reduction of WLL must not exceed 350°C.

As with all lifting devices, the stated working load limit for each ACP-Turnado must not be exceeded and extra attention should be paid to lifting procedures to ensure that the lifted payload remains secure and stable.


Advanced Features

Wear Indicators – Makes it easier and quicker for workers to identify if the lifting point needs to be replaced or whether it is still within a safe range

Round Ring design - Stops kinking of the hook

Rotatable head screw -   Patented ICE Bolt Material, rotatable head screw offers 360° swivel movement

Integrated RFID technology - installed as standard allows inspection and maintenance to be completed quicker and more efficiently. 

RUD Spring Mechanism - lift bale directly turns in the load direction when it is lifted

Swivel joint – lift from any direction while maintaining the full WLL

Nobles offer the following sizes

RUD ACP-TURNADO lifting points come in a host of different metric and UNC sizes. You can choose from lightweight to heavy-duty options. There is also the choice to use long bolt assemblies that come with a nut and washer. DIN collared nuts are available for ACP-Turnado metric threads, which eliminate the risk of sudden release of the ring from its position. The WLL range extends from 1.35 to 8 tonnes with product weighing from 0.375 to 5.66kg for the common sizes of ACP-Turnado. 

Inspection and Maintenance

It is important to ensure a safe workplace. Incorrect assembly or damage to the ACP product can lead to workplace injuries or damage the load drops.  Although the ACP-Turnado comes with an integrated RFID technology it is important to conduct inspection and maintenance to ensure that if any damage or excessive wear is detected the ACP will no longer be used. Inspection may be required at shorter intervals rather than once a year, due to its frequency in use and when there is an increase of product wear or corrosion. The RFID technology will help process the inspection and maintenance quicker and more efficiently, but it doesn’t compensate for it. 

Do not use Hoist Rings if they have:

  • Missing or illegible markings/ identification such as the name of the manufacturer, rated load, torque value
  • If it has a reduction of 10% or more of the dimension caused by wear
  • Significant corrosion or pitting
  • Functionality issues and damage to bolts or nuts
  • There is a lack of ability to allow the ACP – Turnado to rotate at 360° once it has been installed and tightened


RUD Lifting points

RUD lifting points are recognised worldwide as they have been designed to meet DIN EN 1677 (equivalent to AS3776) which includes dynamic testing to 20,000 load cycles*.

RUD’s lifting and lashing points are available as weld on and bolt on versions, offering reliability, quality and safety in the workplace.

For more complex jobs the help of RUD lifting points in special lifting capacities is also available with capacities ranging up to 250 tonnes.

* multiple load cycles may occur during a single lifting operation.


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Are you ready to use RUD ACP-Turnado? 

Nobles have a wide range of lifting and lashing points to suit your project.  Our Nobles Service Support Team is ready to answer any questions you may have regarding the RUD ACP- Turnado or any other RUD product. Give us a call at 1300 711 559 or email to contact a lifting and lashing expert.​



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