pewag release three new products that revolutionise load handling

Tuesday, 1 October 2019


pewag Levo Hook

The pewag levo hook is an innovative lifting device with a rotatable lifting hook that is operated by radio control. This means loads no longer need to be attached and removed manually, ensuring the straightforward, safe and speedy handling of loads.

This innovative hook can be used in a range of extreme working conditions. The levo hook offers optimal support for work performed at great heights, such as in construction pits or in extreme temperatures. The hook increases safety for workers as critical situations are avoided thanks to automated loading and unloading. Work processes are made easier as the crane operator is able to attach and unhook the load independently.

You will save time and money as the hook is capable of 8,000 operating cycles without a break, plus the hook opens and closes within 2.5 seconds. Accidental opening of the levo hook under load is not possible due to secure communication between the hook and remote control, and the hook comes complete with a 4:1 safety factor against break.


pewag Levo Clamp LC

The pewag levo clamp LC is the world's first remote-controlled automatic vertical lifting clamp and heralds a new generation of lifting devices.

The levo clamp allows the lifting and lowering of steel plates and constructions from a safe distance, using a remote control. This takes the pressure off the operator working in difficult conditions, such as heights or hazardous areas. The clamp is capable of up to 2,000 work cycles without interruption; and opens/closes in two seconds.

Special user software allows the clamp to provide statistical data relating to lifting operations.


pewag ISWP Inline Shortener

The pewag ISWP lnline shortener is an integrated shortener, which is used to shorten Grade 120 chains and form loops that are not intended to tighten. The design of the chain support ensures optimum interaction between chain and shortener and is suitable for lashing chains.

The ISWP lnline shortener is mounted in the last third of the chain. By simply moving it in the chain leg, it is shortened to the requested length and tensioned at the same time eliminating the need to completely lower the chain sling, as is necessary with shorteners in a master link.

An additional stopper prevents the shortener from loosening and slipping on the last chain link. Thanks to the two-step mechanism, a loosening of the ISWP is not possible and this mechanism is protected against damage and shocks by protective ribs. The ISWP lnline shortener can be used in 1 to 4 leg chain slings.


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