Nobles begins distributing new range of high-performance & specialty hoists from William Hackett, UK

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Nobles have recently commenced a long-term agreement with quality UK-hoist equipment makers William Hackett to distribute their high-performance manual chain blocks, lever hoists and related accessories across Australia from June, replacing our previous Nitchi range from Japan. 

As well as distributing their standard range, this new partnership will provide Nobles customers with access to William Hackett’s proven range of specialty sub-sea, corrosion protected and ATEX hoists and trolleys as well as new innovative products such as universal beam clamps that are designed to be loaded in any direction without deration to the WLL and the range of dual-speed manual chain hoists. 

William Hackett’s standard high-performance chain blocks and lever hoists distributed by Nobles feature overload protection and class leading performance ratios and compact sizing.  Their specialty sub-sea and corrosion protected hoists are purpose-built for use in hazardous environments, such as offshore oil & gas and water treatment facilities, meeting and exceeding Australian Standards AS1418.2-1997, and International Standard ISO9277:2017 ‘Corrosion tests in artificial atmosphere – Salt spray tests’. The speciality hoists feature corrosion protected internal brake components and have the option to be fitted with stainless steel load and hand chain (material 316L).

Their ATEX hoists have anti-spark features for use in hazardous environments, such as on-shore oil & gas and chemical plants. The WHLP ATEX hoists complies with requirements of ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU and is ATEX rated Zone 1 EX II 2 GD c IIC T4 IIIC T135°C.

Initial William Hackett hoist stocks began arriving in Australia this month, with continuous replenishment to meet strong expected customer demand in the oil and gas, mining, construction, manufacturing, utilities and defence industries.  Below are the new William Hackett products now available.  For more information, please click the links for spec sheets and other details or enquire now to request a demonstration.

William Hackett products coming soon

William Hackett Manual Chain Hoists

WH-C4 Standard Chain Hoist, CP-C4 Corrosion Protection Chain Hoist, SS-C4 Sub-Sea Offshore Chain Hoist, ATEX-C4 Chain Hoist and WH Dual-Speed Chain Hoist.

William Hackett Lever Hoists

WH-L4 Standard Lever Hoist, SS-L5 Sub-Sea Offshore Lever Hoist and ATEX-L4 Lever Hoist.

William Hackett Trolleys & Clamps

Push Trolleys, Geared Trolleys, Adjustable Trolley, WH-BC Fixed Jaw Super Clamp and WH-UBC Universal Beam Clamp.

About William Hackett: The William Hackett Group is the UK's leading provider of chain products and lifting systems solutions and have been manufacturing and distributing chain and chain related products since 1892.  William Hackett is renowned for their ethos of integrity and dependability, which is built on their world-class service in design, assembly, certification, compliance and distribution capabilities.