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Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Nobles Green Pin® is a leading brand for premium quality lifting and lashing equipment. The Green Pin® range includes a unique combination of innovative and high-quality lashing and lifting equipment such as shackles, turnbuckles, hooks, and fibre link chain. The raw materials come from high-quality suppliers who guarantee full traceability and Green Pin® products are certified and comply with a wide range of internationally recognized standards.

The full range of below-the-hook products caters for a wide variety of uses with Connectors such as shackles, hooks, links, swivels, lifting clamps and turnbuckles, End fittings such as sockets, wire rope clips and blocks and matching steel or TycanTM chain and Lifting points such as lifting eyes and rotating hoist rings.

With Green Pin® products, you are always ready to get the job done. Work smarter, with lifting equipment that is produced to excellence!


Green Pin® is a leading manufacturer and supplier

Green Pin® is a leading brand for lifting equipment since 1922 when the Green Pin® shackles were first produced and ever since the brand has been recognized worldwide. The brand has earned a strong reputation for manufacturing quality standard chain and wire rope fittings. Van Beest is a company that manufactures and supplies high end lashing and lifting products.


Green Pin® Shackles - Gain total control

Green Pin® Shackles are used in lifting operations and static systems as removable links to connect (steel) wire rope, chain, lifting slings and other fittings. They come in a variety of sizes from 0.33 tonne up to 1500 tonne, styles, and types for use in many diverse applications. Green Pin® shackles are manufactured in The Netherlands to rigorous specifications. Nobles offers several types of Green Pin® shackles. We carry a variety of shackles such as safety pin dee shackles, T super shackles, heavy-duty bow shackles and screw pin dee shackles etc.

For more information, visit our website page to learn more about Green Pin ® Shackles

Green Pin® Super Shackles – for bigger jobs

Green Pin® Grade T Super Shackles are Grade T (8) alloy steel, quenched and tempered. The shackles are commonly used across a wide range of industries including in oil and gas production, construction, and mining sectors. It is hot-dip galvanised and complies with the requirements of ASME B30.26 and the requirements of US Fed Spec RR-C-271. You can use a smaller super shackle with a higher working load limit if your restricted by space. The Green Pin Super shackle range provides options in situations where exiting designs refer to the former AS2741-1992 grade T type of shackle and a Grade S shackle doesn’t fit.

For more information, visit our website page to learn more about Green Pin® Supersized Shackles. 

Green Pin® Links – Unbeatable and reliable even in harsh environments

The unique innovation of the Heavy-Duty Master link will be reliable even in harsh environments with a safe working load limit ranging from 131 tonnes to 400 tonnes. Green Pin® produces other types of links in grade 8, grade 10 and stainless steel.

Green Pin® Sockets – select the right type of end termination

Green Pin® sockets are used to terminate steel wire rope when anchoring tubes, pipes, dredging materials, oil platforms, towing cables, bridges, roof constructions, and other heavy-duty applications. Green Pin® produces three types of sockets for a terminating fitting to the end of the wire rope such as closed spelter, open spelter and open wedge sockets.

For more information, visit our website page to learn more about our range of Sockets

Eye bolts – get the strength and reliability for lifting items

Green Pin® eye bolts are utilized for lifting items that are too heavy to be lifted by hand or by a forklift. Green Pin® offers grade 8 lifting points that are painted. Green Pin® eye bolts, eye nuts and lifting points have a working load limit that ranges from 0.07 tonnes up to 40 tonnes and the thread diameter ranges from M6 up to M100.  Green Pin® eye bolts are of high performance with the ability to meet the strength and reliability required for any job and it will satisfy the needs of almost every customer.  

Green Pin Tycan® - strong than steel with a portion of the weight

Green Pin Tycan® is a chain made from 100% Dyneema Fibre® which makes it extremely safe and easy to use, non-corrosive, completely waterproof and can float on the water. Green Pin Tycan® allows companies to achieve greater efficiency and a safer working environment as Dyneema fibre® is the world’s strongest man-made fibre. The chain is lightweight and soft to the touch which reduces the risk of bad backs, cuts, bruises or hearing damages. The great benefits of using Green Pin Tycan® may reduce the impact of having staff getting injured in the workplace, job completion delays and lower transportation cost. Green Pin Tycan® is eight times lighter than a steel chain while offering performance and flexibility as it has the same working load limit as steel.  The lifting chain has received a DNV GL Type Approval certification. DNV GL has also extended the certification of the temperature range under which Green Pin Tycan® Lifting Chain can be used: from -40 ⁰C (-40 ⁰F) to +70 ⁰C (+158 ⁰ F). It is resistant to chemicals, grease, dirt, salt and low temperatures.

For more information, visit our website page to learn more about Green Pin Tycan®.  

In Conclusion

Green Pin® and Nobles lifting products are made to meet the demands of the most complex lifting projects in the world. Nobles is proud to be Australia's largest stockist and distributor of the Van Beest range of Green Pin® lifting products.

Choosing the right parts and fittings for your application can be a daunting task. Our Nobles Service Support Team are always happy to help consult with any questions you may have. Give us a call at 1300 711 559 or email us at



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