Emerging from the depths… lifting hard to retrieve, or submerged equipment.

Thursday, 27 May 2021

Sometimes Industrial equipment needs to be placed and installed in difficult locations, like a confined space, out of reach and submerged in water.

When this is the case, lifting tackle needs to be permanently attached to the payload, so that it can be safely and securely placed and retrieved with ease. Typically, this means that the lifting gear must also be durable, corrosion resistant and easy to clean, like for instance Pewag Stainless Steel pump chain.


AISI grade stainless steel, in strength grade 6 plus!

When selecting stainless steels, corrosion resistance is an important concern – but for lifting tackle this can make it tricky to get the strength we want.

Thanks to the innovations brought by Pewag a rating which exceeds an equivalent grade of 6 can now be offered whilst still using materials conforming to the AISI 316 and 318 specifications that can be vital in water delivery, industrial and food manufacturing applications. This Grade 6 Plus material meets and exceeds the criteria for a grade 5 rating as set out in the Australian Standard for stainless lifting chain (AS4797-2009) whilst retaining exemplary corrosion resistance, toughness and ductility.


Design details for cleanliness, and ease of use.

Pewag pump chain features AWI oblong master-links and fully welded BWI transition links along its length.

This divides the chain into segments which achieves two important things:

  • This gives us the means to hoist things from deep holes when we only have portable hoists with limited lifting range at our disposal. By taking up one or more segments of the Pewag pump chain at a time, long lifting sequences can be achieved in manageable bites.
  • It provides us with a chain system that helps to reduce the number of small components and crevices between components, this reduces the number of places liable to corrosion and stops debris and other nasties having somewhere to hide – keeping chains clean.

For two-legged slinging, this is simply achieved by picking up on an AWI at the midpoint of this chain then positioning the chain on either side at the required sling angle.

If your application specifically requires the elimination of crevices and small components for utmost cleanliness and resistance, fully factory welded assemblies are available to suit all configuration requirements.


No performance issues – large size range.

Stainless steel rigging in general can be fraught with hazards for the unwary. Much of the most readily available gear is essentially a hardware shop grade product– and lacks the vital quality assurance and testing attributes demanded for industrial lifting tackle. In times past, this has lead to the use and fitment of equipment which is of essentially unknown strength and reliability, greatly diminishing the safety of some workplace lifting scenarios.

Thanks to the extensive range of properly rated stainless steel lifting tackle Nobles can now offer and Pewag’s size range of pump chain ranging up to 26mm and a WLL of 12 tonnes there are no longer any excuses and safe lifting tackle can be brought to the task – even when it must be stainless steel.


Load rated, marked and tested to conform.

Pewag stainless steel lifting chain system makes no compromises when it comes to production quality control, factory test processes and traceability. Each and every chain and fitting are appropriately marked, and each production batch sampled just like we require for any type of lifting chain or product.

As you would expect, as a leading global manufacturer of lifting chains, all of Pewag’s stainless steel product is appropriately marked with manufacturer’s symbols, grade, traceability codes and types. Every product is available with comprehensive user guidance and technical information.

Nobles too makes no compromises as your preferred supplied of lifting chain – we supply all of our lifting chain assemblies with the same care, attention and proof testing as required under the lifting chain standard AS3775 with additional care and attention given by our trained, highly competent technicians and NATA accredited testing facilities.


Field service, inspection and after sales care.

Once you’ve chosen the best chains, it’s important to maintain these assets out where they belong – where they are ready to be used. Through our Tech-inspect and Core software and our Australia-wide coverage of service technicians, we can service and inspect your fleets of stainless-steel pump lifting chains and all of their associated lifting equipment when and where you need it.

Don’t overlook the importance of having a Pewag Stainless Steel Pump Chain from Nobles as it will provide you reliability whenever you require it the most.


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About Nobles: Nobles has been an Australian owned and operated company for over 100 years, providing complete solutions for lifting, rigging, service and engineering design, making them Australia’s trusted lifting and rigging specialists

About Pewag: Pewag started operating in Australia in 2012, the company is one of the oldest manufacturers in the world as it dates back to the 15th Century.