William Hackett SS-L5 QP (Quad Pawl) Lever Hoist maximize safety and efficiency  

Thursday, 29 July 2021

A lever hoist allows us to lift and lower heavy loads of equipment. The William Hackett SS-L5 QP increases the level of safety and improves performance as its lever hoist mechanism incorporates four load bearing pawls for extra precision and protection.


William Hackett SS-L5 QP enhances safety in the workplace for everyone working with a lever hoist.

The earliest design lever hoists in the market used a single pawl tensioned by a spring to support the load during hoisting. The design was functional, but contained a high risk due to the potential for catastrophic failure if the spring fractured.

Improvements to the design were achieved with the introduction of twin pawls as this reduced the risk of a single point of failure. This became the default design over time, but it is not without its flaws.

William Hackett’s innovation incorporates four individual pawls working as pairs on each pawl stand.

As the ratchet gear rotates, the gear teeth make the pawls move and the profiled mating phases of the pawls interact. The interaction makes the adjacent pole engage with the next ratchet gear tooth so that the design is not dependent upon its spring for functionality.


The SS-L5 QP lever hoist is the result of expert engineering that reduces operational risk. The four poles provide near continuous engagement, making the work the hoist does more precise. This is useful for nearly every hoisting task, and is a particular improvement during tricky maintenance and installation operations.

Although also fitted with pawl springs, it is not wholly dependent upon them, making the Quad Pawl technology ideal for offshore operations and other harsh environments.

The SS-L5 QP lever hoist is designed to be used in the marine environment and subsea lifting operations. It contains numerous features that are applicable across all industry sectors, including:

A large range of available sizes: with ratings ranging from 800kg to 15 tonnes.

Light load capability: all lever hoists have a minimum safe load to ensure proper function without slippage. The SS-L5 QP provides an industry leading light load capability and is tested and certified at 2% of the lever hoist rated capacity.

DABS (Dual Anti-Lock  Brake  System): this allows the load chain to be adjusted in freewheel mode without locking the brake, making it quicker and safer to set up for a job.

A construction and design which minimises the ingress of contaminates to the internal brake mechanism surfaces.

Stainless Steel Pawl Springs: specially designed to work with the SS-L5 patented quad pawls. The stainless steel springs are captivated in the brake chamber protecting them against damage.

Stainless Steel Fixings: all internal springs, circ clips securing the pawls onto the pawl stands, nyloc nuts and socket head cap screws are stainless steel.

Sintered/Fused Friction Material: the brake material of the SS-L5 QP is fused directly onto the ratchet gear. This reduces the number of mating faces where there is a potential for ingress of contaminates that could affect the brake performance. Grooves cut into the brake material allow water to be displaced from the friction surface.

Superior Quality Load Chain:

  • Highly effective anti-corrosion protection for the Grade 8 load chain
  • Corrosion resistance up to 1,000h according to DIN EN ISO 9227
  • Fully compliant with EN818-7


Marine Paint:

  • AkzoNobel Interpon D1010 Premium
  • Corrosion Resistance 1,500h according to DIN EN ISO 9227. No corrosion creep more than 2mm from scribe mark.


Corrosion Protection Throughout: the complete brake mechanism of the SS-L5 QP is corrosion protected including the pinion shaft, disc hub, change gear, ratchet gear, pawls, pawl stands and load sheave. In addition the load chain guide, stay bolts and chain stripper are also corrosion protected.

High Performance Waterproof Grease: used throughout the SS-L5 QP lever hoist enhancing the corrosion protection.

Adjustable Travelling End Stop: the uniquely designed travelling end stop of the SS-L5 QP lever hoist allows the operator to position the end stop at any point of the slack section of the Grade 8 load chain. When the lever hoist is in a final rigged position the travelling end stop can be positioned adjacent to the body of the SS-L5 QP. This has the function of preventing the payout of the chain for whatever reason when the next time the lever hoist is operated.

Temperature Range: -40°C to +120°C.

Optional Equipment: the SS-L5 QP lever hoist can be fitted with an overload limiter and also hook adaptors to allow any Grade 8 fixing to be fitted to the SS-L5 QP to suit varying applications.

Proof Tested: every SS-L5 QP lever hoist is proof tested to 1.5 times the Working Load Limit, exceeding the requirements of AS1418.2-1997.

Breaking Load Factor: 4 : 1.

Time-saving and efficient features which enhance user safety.

Not only does the SS-L5 QP lever hoist improve safety with its superior patented pawl design. It is equipped with other features that make tasks safer and more efficient overall.

The DABS (Dual Anti-Lock  Brake  System) allows the load chain to be adjusted in freewheel mode. In rigging mode, it removes the need for the brake to be reset via the grip ring and the travelling end stop. This avoids much of the potential for back and forth movements by the operator during set-up, often in high risk scenarios such as long pulling operations at height. The addition of the adjustable travelling end stop enhances this feature by safely permitting rapid set up to a predefined stop position.

Watch the below video to learn more about the functionality of William Hackett SS-L5 QP (Quad Pawl) Lever Hoist.


The William Hackett SS-L5 QP lever hoist is manufactured in the United Kingdom. It meets and exceeds the Australian Standard AS 1418.2-1997 required in Australian workplaces.

Consider your lifting environment

The William Hackett SS-L5 QP lever hoist is rated for temperatures ranging from -40°C to +120°C, that might seem like a large range – but this is important even for everyday users in Australian conditions, where cheap generic lifting tackle can risk a loss of toughness on cold desert mornings and inland high country and those cheap generic hoists can risk loss of performance out in the hot sun.

The robust design features and specifications of the SS-L5 QP also offer great potential to address the endemic waste and risks that throwaway alternatives entail. Not only do the parts last longer in harsh environments, there is a world leading spare parts program to introduce true serviceability to a chain hoist fleet.

About William Hackett

William Hackett was established in 1892 and today they are well known worldwide for their effective production of offshore lifting hoists and chains. They are globally recognised by many industries as they supply lifting equipment and chain to marine, mining, energy and agricultural companies.   

William Hackett SS-L5 QP (Quad Pawl) is an innovation that enhances smooth lifting operations!

For more information about this innovative product, please click here to download the product data sheet.


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