Update to Australian Standard (AS2317.7-2018) for collared eyebolts and eyenuts

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

A new Australian Standard has just been released, this time concerning the humble collared eyebolt. Australian Standards have valuable guidance for users of lifting gear and AS2317.1-2018 contains extended detail for use as well as new requirements for markings. This new standard governs low tensile eyebolts and eyenuts, which are called grade 4 to align with international terminology.  For all the details on this update - click through to the article.


How to ensure payload stability for safer lifts

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Whenever planning to lift something our initial focus turns to the payload; where to connect lifting devices, and what rigging to use to reach those connection points. Unfortunately, in this initial phase it is easy for the overall stability of the lift to be overlooked. Where the stability of the rigging does not meet the stability needs of the payload - disaster awaits!  This article will help you understand the different lifting methods available to ensure the stability of your payload resulting in a safer lift.


Keys to compliant lifting and rigging inspections

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Making sure your lifting & rigging equipment is inspected by a qualified person is critical to ensure the safety of your workers.  While DIY inspections might seem attractive, there are many hidden costs and potential risks associated with inspecting and managing lifting equipment.  This article details what you should look for in a lifting & rigging inspector and how to safeguard your workplace against unqualified personnel.