Nobles replaced the mechanical drive systems in an overhead crane 2,400 feet underground

Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Nobles have a long history of providing services including predictive, preventative and planned maintenance to the mining industry. Our highly trained technicians attended a mine site to perform routine maintenance on an underground magnet crane, 10 tonne hoist, catenary equipment and drive motors located 2,400 feet beneath the surface. After inspection, it was deemed that the mechanical drive systems were worn and required replacement. This replacement came with a range of unique challenges specifically with access which caused the inability to use heavy machinery that would normally be available for such a task. To find out how innovative thinking, hard work and dedication saw Nobles solve a complex lifting challenge within a short timeframe, click through to the case study.


Roborigger reduces SkyCity construction delays

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

There are many factors that affect construction projects; climate, materials, technology, clients etc. Many of these you can prepare and plan for, however, environmental factors can be particularly difficult and can cause project delays. With the recent launch of the Roborigger auto-rotation control unit AR10, one environmental factor - wind - will now cause fewer delays and safety concerns. Load28 recently trialled the Roborigger for façade installation on the SkyCity project. To find out what issues Load28 encountered and how the Roborigger solved many of these – please click through to the article.


Four common equipment problems & how to prevent them

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Your lifting gear is an asset worth preserving and aside from the cost and inconvenience, the safety implications of not looking after it are dire. This article covers some common and preventable lifting gear failures such as lost markings, wear and tear and corrosion.  To find out how to keep your equipment in working order – click through to the article.


Nobles crane servicing repair a jib crane damaged in service

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Crane owners are faced with many demands for uptime, reliability, compliance testing and record keeping. We recently completed an onsite inspection of a jib crane that had been knocked by a forklift, dislodging the anchor rods in the concrete. To read how our crane servicing team were able to service, repair and re-certify this jib crane to Australian Standards, click through to the full article.


How Nobles delivered a challenging crane hook refurbishment

Friday, 16 November 2018

With engineering personnel active on Australian Standards Committees for Cranes and Lifting Tackle, Nobles, are regularly engaged to undertake refurbishment work of various lifting equipment across all industries.  In June 2017, a tier 1 mining customer approached us to undertake the assessment and refurbishment of four insulated hook blocks from a crane that was originally commissioned in 1987 (MRC 20t), and later uprated in 2000 (to MRC 22t).  Our engineering team encountered many challenges with this refurbishment which included resolving defects that were identified in the hooks, guards and axles.  To see how Nobles were able to overcome these challenges and complete this task, click through to read the full article.