Case Study: Roborigger reduces SkyCity construction delays

Wednesday, 29 April 2020


Load 28


$330 million redevelopment of the Adelaide Casino

The challenge

During the façade installation on the upper floors of the SkyCity project, Load28 installers had been hampered by unusual weather conditions. One of their biggest challenges was wind and over the course of a few days they had lost many hours. For the Load 28 install and tower crane crew, it’s the unpredictability that causes doubt and concern when preparing to lift façade panels and when not to lift.

Understandably this caused delays waiting for a stable measurement of wind to appear. It’s not only big wind gusts that affect the installation, a simply gentle fluctuating breeze causes an uncontrollable panel that is unable to be held by tags lines due to the building structure. Load 28 set out to find a solution that could help control the unpredictability of wind and install some confidence in the tower crane and install crew that this could be managed safely.

The solution

Always keeping abreast of new technology and being a valued customer of Nobles, Load28 approached Nobles to recruit the help of Roborigger to assist with the management of ‘unpredictable wind’. A trained operator spent the day onsite working with the tower crane riggers and install crew to educate them on the equipment, training them on start-up and operation, calibration and shutdown.

The Roborigger allowed the install crew to pick up the panel and using its stabilisation technology, the Roborigger not only controlled the panel from twisting in the wind but also controlled the ‘pendulum’ effect often experienced. The unit was well received by both the tower crane and install crew and noted by the site team as enhancing safety and productivity.

About Roborigger

Roborigger is designed to allow the positioning and landing of lifted loads to be undertaken without the need for workers to be in the vicinity of the load, reducing the risk to personnel and eliminating the need for taglines on loads. The Roborigger also improves productivity as lifting operations can be completed faster without the need for tag lines to be attached or removed and loads are rotated in the air during the lift which means they can be lowered immediately once the position has been reached.

Roborigger also makes challenging tasks easy and safe, for example, loads with large windage such as panels can be lifted in stronger winds giving significantly increased crane utilisation. The autorotating system uses inertia and gyroscopic forces from rotating flywheels to position the load, this is similar technology to that used to orient spacecraft. Controlled wirelessly using a handheld remote, it can be used in manual mode or can store two headings and automatically rotate the load to either heading using its control system. The unit has sensors which detect the rotation rate and the heading. The sophisticated control system ensures that the load rotation is controlled within strict parameters and that the unit can hold the load at a constant heading when required even if there is gusting wind.

The optional wireless release system allows the operator to release the load remotely. The system has inbuilt safeguards to prevent release under load and has a dual command system requiring two buttons to initiate a release. The Roborigger includes a video camera and load cell and is fully internet connected so all lifts are recorded on an online database complete with date, time, location, weight and a high-resolution image.

Nobles have a team of dedicated lifting equipment professionals who are always looking for new and innovative solutions to help customers deliver their projects on time. For more information on Roborigger – please give our team a call on 1300 711 559 or use the links to the right of screen.

Case study courtesy of Load 28.

About Load 28: The Load 28 team and equipment is well recognised within the industry as specialists in limited access crane hire, structural installations, facade elements and commercial glazing installations. Load 28 has invested in cutting edge technologies, and equipment specifically designed for these applications.